Hitting the books

I have been working on my first assignment for the semester and so this weekend a trip to the library was in order! We headed to the University of British Columbia (UBC) on Saturday. The grounds are huge (402 hectares) and are bordered by forest and beaches. We parked our car next to Thunderbird Stadium which has imposing-looking bird sculptures on poles near the entrance. We then walked down a beautiful path called ‘East Mall’, which led us past parks, a community garden and apartments.

After a quick bite to eat at a nearby Starbucks, where lots of students were studiously working away on their laptops, we headed down another beautiful, wide, tree-lined mall called ‘Main Mall’ to the Walter C. Koerner Library. The library is housed in a grand glass-walled building over 6 floors. I headed straight to the reserve section to do some photocopying and then down to the stacks on the first floor, which featured compactus shelving: how fun!

Feeling a bit weary after all the studying (and novel-reading in Alex’s case) we headed down some very steep steps to Wreck Beach. The sun was setting and we rested on one of the logs lying on the grey sand. After reading the section about the beach in the Vancouver Lonely Planet guide we realised it was a clothing-optional beach. However everyone, in the near vicinity at least, seemed to be fully clothed, even though it had been a relatively balmy day with a high of 12 degrees C! I couldn’t resist having a paddle in the water and felt like I was back on Phillip Island. We only saw a tiny fraction of the campus and definitely plan to visit again.

Today we briefly visited the BCIT Burnaby campus library. It was such a clear day, we could see right across to the mountains from the campus, so decided to see what the view would be like from Burnaby Mountain. The view was absolutely amazing and the mountain was packed with sight-seers flying kites, riding bikes and relaxing on the grass. In t-shirts, with sunnies on, we headed down the Pandora Trail, to the turn off to Gnome’s Home trail. What a great name for a trail: is there a Gnome who has a home somewhere on the mountain? I will have to try to find out next time we visit. On the way home, with the windows down in the car, I realised I had not worn my coat all day. Spring has definitely arrived.

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2 thoughts on “Hitting the books

  1. The view from Burnaby Mountain is gorgeous! Do you know why the logs were on the beach? The sand looks about inviting as the ‘sand’ (aka mud) at Rhyll. I too was enjoying paddling in the water this weekend – part of my ankle rehab! We used the beach at Silverleaves & San Remo – lovely though clothing was mandatory regardless of temp. The Walter C. Koerner Library & the UBC campus both look impressive.

  2. Manu on said:

    And, have you since found out if there were any Gnomes home? Inquiring minds want to know! 🙂

    Also, the view from Burnaby Mountain is stunning- is that an island there?

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